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Matthew DeBonis is a self-proclaimed camera-aficionado who hales from the Central Florida area. He has a degree in Film Studies from Valencia College.


DeBonis’ love for the film industry was first sparked when he worked on three separate indie films at the young age of 17. From there, DeBonis quickly made his name known in the film industry. He has since worked on many different projects, from national commercial spots with well-known companies such as Disney, Nike, Honda, BMW, and Nissan, to major motion pictures.

DeBonis can typically be found on set as a Camera Assistant or Camera Operator, but his real passion lies in Cinematography.

His first hand knowledge of these areas of the film industry has made him a great asset to any production.

Matthew DeBonis co-manages a local camera rental and post-production house. While he loves to stay around the Orlando area to take care of his camera company and any local film/commercial productions, DeBonis is keen on taking most travel-abroad jobs, as he enjoys the idea of seeing the world while he is hard at work. One of his most favorite things about his job is the opportunity to have his “office” in a new location almost everyday, especially if that location includes foreign cuisines and lush landscape on which to film.


When not on set or in the camera house, Matthew DeBonis is likely to be found either noshing on a steaming bowl of Pho Tai at Pho88, a local Vietnamese noodle shop, or taking in the sights and sounds of nature while kayaking down Wekiva Springs.


Matthew DeBonis has had a passion for the film industry since his first indie-movie at 17, and continues to pursue his love everyday. As long as there is a story to be told and a camera with which to tell it, Matthew will be there, bringing the magic from behind the camera out onto the silver screen.

Creative Director
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